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Since 2011 Aalea is providing survey and remote subsea services by means of highly qualified and motivated resources and high-performance equipment.
Over the years Aalea has gained a solid track record of high level services thanks to the high experience and commitment of all resources involved in the project and also to continued investment in equipment and development of innovative solution for major clients.
Aalea has become an independent offshore survey contractor capable to provide a wide range of survey, positioning and general remote subsea services.
With more than 20 years of operational experience of his team members Aalea can guarantee the provision of high-quality and reliable services.
Aalea is committed to provide innovative and exclusive low carbon solutions that will help to reduce the clients’carbon footprint and the impact of production on the environment.
The company is based in Southwestern Rome, very close to both Fiumicino airport and Civitavecchia harbor. The area offers easy and rapid access to air, road, rail and maritime transportation. This strategic location is ideal to provide prompt and very competitive response to any need for services in the Mediterranean Sea, Northern Africa and Middle East Offshore locations, along with a worldwide intervention capability.

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Who and where we are

Aalea is an independent and dynamic survey and remote subsea services provider; was established in February 2011 and is based in Fiumicino, Rome, Italy.
Aalea is fully owned and managed by a group of experienced, qualified, and highly motivated partners and managers with solid know-how based on 20+ years offshore experience.

Partners and management are since the very beginning highly focused on HSEQ principles and the development of the proprietary management system named AIMS reflects this commitment. By means of our AIMS we can guarantee measurable and consistent performance to our clients and support any need for survey and general remote subsea services with reliable and cost-effective solutions.

On the basis of the experience and significant track record achieved, in 2019 was launched the AALEA 2.0 PROJECT, that led very quickly to new partnerships, strengthening of survey services capability, widening of company purpose including sustainability and green offshore projects, revamping of research and development activity.
Aalea team share a common vision and goal of excellence in marine operations, to be achieved by:
  • Relentless performance improvement process involving all resources
  • The compliance with highest industry standard and best practices
  • The use of state-of-the-art technology and equipment
  • The highest operational and technical standards
  • Constant innovation


Our  business model

Key partners

  • Shipowners / Shipmanagers
  • ROV manufacturers
  • Tools and instrument manufacturers
  • Reliable providers

Key activities

  • Equipment maintenance and update
  • Relentless research and development of state-of-the-art equipment, materials, components
  • People training

Key resources

  • Experienced and motivated staff
  • Fit-to-purpose ROV Systems
  • Aalea design bespoke equipment to suit highest client requirement

Value proposition

  • Integrity, independence, reliability and fast decision-making processes
  • Creative and effective project-specific solutions
  • Care of operational and technical details
  • Top-class technical standards
  • Project success as unique target

Customer relationship

  • Co-creative approach along the project requirements definition stage
  • Direct and personalized relationships throughout the project


  • Direct contact with customers

Customer segments

  • Oil companies
  • Offshore assets managers
  • Offshore contractors
  • Offshore vessels shipowners / managers
  • Offshore wind farm operators
  • Telecom and power marine cables suppliers and managers

Cost structure

  • Value-driven class of business
  • Accurate planning and control of fixed and variable costs

Revenue stream

  • Provided services


The ultimate aim is to provide effective solutions to the offshore business challenges.
Protecting the marine environment integrity.
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